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Everything You Need To Know About Summer Camp

Be More at NCA Summer Camp. There are other choices out there...but none better! You choose your location, your camp type...even set your own curriculum and be assured that the rich tradition of providing creative and fun cheers and chants remain true with NCA!


  • The Most Stunt Time
  • The Most One-on-One Time with Staff
  • Creative, Well-Balanced Game Day and Performance Cheers and Chants
  • The Most Material for the Best Price!

Our Staff makes all the difference! You'll get more one-on-one time than ever with the AACCA Certified, well-trained NCA Staff
. Your Buddy Instructor will motivate and lead your team on and off the field.

You can rely on NCA to equip you with the material and support you need to successfully lead your team throughout the year.

More than 95% of Coaches we surveyed say that they attend camp to learn new stunts and no one has more stunts than NCA!

We're always stepping up our efforts to provide new material. You can count on fresh, innovative cheers, chants, dances and sideline/pep rally routines at NCA.

Our daily focus on building confidence, positive attitudes, and team work transforms individual cheerleaders into a team.

NCA has a wide variety of camps across the country – choose one perfect for you!


NCA Camp Curriculum is based on core principals that ensure cheerleaders learn the proper safety technique and develop a strong foundation. Check out the top notch curriculum being taught at NCA Camps! We have programs to fit the needs of all teams.


    NCA sets the standard for safety with specific safety classes that provide hands-on training for the entire team. Teams learn proper safety techniques to ensure safe practice and performance all year long. NCA Staff conducts skill checks to direct team members to the stunt class that is right for them. Stunts are taught in progression and drills are emphasized to ensure proper technique. Teams at camp even take part in a Safety Awareness Test to reinforce the importance of safety and new regulations.
    NCA Stunt Classes, organized by skill level, guarantees your team will receive the attention and help they deserve. Teams can choose to concentrate on Game Day Stunts or learn plenty of innovative Performance transitions. NCA will perfect your athletes' technique, which will guarantee safe stunting for the entire year!
    NCA offers a variety of Game Day and Performance-style cheers and chants, developed by the most well known choreographers from across the country. Our material is updated with the most current cutting-edge techniques so your team will have a fresh new look when they leave camp.
    Who doesn't love to see great jumps! NCA provides TWO specialized Jump Classes giving personalized instruction and drills to build technique for Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced jumps.
    Dances are always a favorite at NCA. Start out with the always memorable Spirit Dance and then pick other dances in our Specialty Classes. Teams that attend camp will receive a 2013 Curriculum DVD that includes all 12 of the NCA Dances.
    One-on-one time set aside each day so your NCA Buddy can help you with whatever you choose...evaluation material, stunts, cheers, dances, or material from home - you choose!
    Every one loves basket tosses! With safety as our #1 concern, each team will first check-off the 5 steps that it takes to throw the perfect basket toss and then progress to those crowd-pleasing tosses.
    NCA's got spirit, how about you? Grab your signs, poms and mascot - this year's Fun Day is all about School Spirit!


  • ELITE CLASSES - Now Offered at ALL Resident Camps!
    Pick the curriculum that's right for your team: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, or Elite. This program is ideal for those who have team members at different levels because each team member can attend the class that is appropriate for their skill level.
  • JUNIOR HIGH PROGRAM - Now Offered at ALL Resident Camps!
    Designed for specifically for younger cheerleaders from Junior High and Middle Schools and are typically in conjunction with a standard Resident Camp. Every level of curriculum is offered to meet the needs of all teams in an age-appropriate teaching environment.
    Designed by the country's best mascots, this program will help your mascot reach new heights! Teams with mascots are encouraged to attend Camps that offer the Mascot Program so both can work together to improve unity and school spirit. Mascot Classes are held throughout the day to improve specific aspects of mascoting and evaluations are held in the evening with the team.
    ALL camp types offer a Non-Building program which takes place during any stunt, basket, or pyramid class. These sessions offer options for teams such as attending more specialty classes, jump classes, or game-day classes. Non-building curriculum is available at all NCA Camps.
    Focuses on the Performance aspect of cheerleading. Teams have fun choreographing individual routines to the Jam, an exclusive track on the NCA Summer Camp CD, then performing it for evaluation. Teams will also enjoy NCA's creative Cheer and Chant Curriculum taught at these camps. All Performance Camps offer Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Elite Curriculum.


Let's go Tigers - To ensure your NCA Summer Camp is the greatest possible, we've compiled a checklist of things we suggest you remember to bring with you to Summer Camp. To download the What To Bring To Camp checklist, CLICK HERE.

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